More homeowners in Australia feel that their kitchen needs renovation. That’s according to the result of the survey conducted by Houzz Australia. Whereas 23% of those who were surveyed think that their kitchen needs the most attention, 19% answered their bathroom, 18% their garden or their outdoor areas, 17% their living room, and 6% the master bedroom. Let’s start with the DIY styling tips for your kitchen.


The shelves: Long sleek doors can work

We often find open shelves in kitchens, that attract dust and”stuff”.  It is always best to ‘enclose!’.  Especially when going for sale, potential new owners want to see plenty of storage and not be distracted by your bits-and -pieces on show.

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Your appliances: upgrade to efficiency

It seems like a far-fetched idea for homeowners, but there’s a way to go green. Energy-efficient appliance adds value to your home and helps reduce your electricity bill at the same time. If you’re stumped about this, there are plenty of great websites to choose from.  It can be very distracting and can potentially put a false impression into a potential buyers mind.  If your appliances can’t be new – then make sure the are exquisitely clean!!

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Hardware: personalise with style

Installing contemporary handles on your cabinets contribute to your kitchen’s cohesive look, especially so if you choose hardware from the same style family. Take time to plan things out. By having an overall plan for your kitchen, you can choose cost-effective but in-style hardware elements.  If your kitchen is being replaced, then consider not handles.. push catch and finger pull are sleek and contemporary.

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The wall: make it dash with splash back

Add appeal to your kitchen by using light-coloured splashback. tiles, mirror tiles, diagonal tiles, large-pattern tiles, herringbone tile, embossed and subway tile are some of your options. If you prefer to be more personalised, you can use specialty-shaped tile or a custom mosaic tile.  There are so much to choose from.  Just airing some caution: if you are going for sale – its not about you!  Broad appeal is what you are after, with credit and custom to the style of the home, please!

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The floor: beauty and harmony

When it comes to your kitchen floor, there are two things you need to consider: function and style. If you want flooring to be different in your kitchen, choose wisely. Tile, lino, vinyl, bamboo, laminate, and hardwood are some of your options.

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Mario Vatali said it best: “The kitchen really is the castle itself.  This is where we spend the happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family.”

Whether you’re styling to stay, to sell, or to rent out, the kitchen will always be a focal point. As such is the case, the BG Property Styling team is inviting you to a 15-minute free and a no-obligation session by phone every Tuesday from 10AM to 3PM. Pose your questions and Belinda Grundy will answer them for you. Contact 02 9986 0524 or visit our Services and Pricing page for more information.