A Real Estate Agent contacted Belinda Grundy asking for advice. Here’s his dilemma:

Sellers frequently believe that the way they live in the house is the way they can sell the house.

We all love our castle, just the way it is and we have become very used to it.  It is highly likely that you can achieve a successful sale, however, there may be great opportunity to add more value and appeal to allow a more successful next step. It is true that homes can be sold in this way, and in our area, they usually will sell, but the question is: Without presentation feedback, how would this affect the sale price and/or experience? This is the beauty of inviting a Property Makeover Specialist to your home, as the first step.

The Initial advice comes from the ‘first impression’ which really has been lost by the client or our homeowner or any of their friends after seeing the property for the first 15 minutes. This was often lost years prior.

Investing in presentation is ultimately the homeowner’s decision. The choice is: sell as is and understand there may be some lost opportunity, or present your home in a changed light to allow the three pillars of sale success to do their wonders: “Right agent, Right price, and Right presentation.”  It will require some investment, readiness for change, and ‘letting go’ of what you like in order to appeal to your target market, creating that increased competition amongst your potential purchasers.


Even the best Real Estate Agents encounter challenges sometimes. If your dilemma is related to home staging, home styling, and property makeover project coordination, contact us! We might just have the perfect solution for you! Start here: BG Property Styling.