Just how exactly can a property makeover and a Property Makeover Specialist help you persuade prospective buyers? We’ve mapped out a few ways in line with our previous blog posts focusing on the theoretical perspectives of persuasion.


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The psychology of attraction tells us that we are drawn towards things that we find beautiful. Once we get close to our object of attraction, its specific characteristics will either sustain or eliminate what we feel. The same principle applies to selling a property. People get drawn by what they see on the outside and prompts them to drop by to have a closer look. A Property Makeover Specialist can help bring out the best of a property’s street appeal.


This may be a newly-renovated room, an additional living space, or anything that’s only such property has to the best of your knowledge. Having a unique feature brings about feelings of exclusivity. But be careful about highlighting a feature that does not benefit a buyer. Using a feature as a selling point should always be associated with irresistible value. A Property Makeover Specialist can help create value-add features with accompanying benefits.


Could it be that a space is underutilised? Could it be that a kitchen has a space for more storage? Polishing hidden gems do not necessarily equate to expensive add-ons. The keyword is value-add, and it operates in a way that however a certain space is polished, it yields value to prospective buyers and contributes to the overall appeal of the property. A Property Makeover Specialist can help identify the hidden gems in a property that need polishing.


The role of a Property Makeover Specialist is to study a vendor’s target buyers. Which demographic will the property appeal to? Based on the demographic information, what features will the target audience find appealing? Upon identification, the role of the Property Makeover Specialist now becomes a liaison between the tradespeople and service providers who will implement the renovation and the Real Estate Agent and the vendor. The prevalent idea is bridging the gap between what the prospective buyers want and what vendors intend to accomplish.


The outcome of a property makeover is dictated by a set calendar of works and influenced by the value-add items implemented on the property. Because target buyers are already identified, it is easier to market the listing and to attract potential buyers. The key element in creating competition: the post-makeover appeal exuded by the property.


It’s how things ought to be anyway. But even if you are equipped with charm and exceptional selling ability, even if you know well enough about your target audience, and even if you offer the best perks for those who will buy, you won’t be as convincing when the property you’re selling is working for you, selling itself. So in the context of undertaking a property makeover, the persuasive quality is uncovered during home staging. This is what Property Makeover Specialists aspire to achieve.