As  our senior population grows,  we are increasingly reminded that they are still an integral part of our society.  Each culture, country and race has different ways of dealing and taking care of their elders. Some treat them well, some with reverence and some with disdain but in our society, we try our best to treat them with respect and concern.

Safety for our seniors is our top priority and comfort is a close second.  Large homes are ideal for large and active families but as the kids grow into adulthood, have their own lives and move out, a large house can be a lonely and dangerous place.

Firstly, it is too big for one or two people – all that unnecessary space will simply be a bane for cleaning and maintenance.

Secondly, surrounded by empty rooms can create a sense of loneliness. All the memories of the past, old photos and things that are no longer useful act as a constant reminder of the people they no longer see as often as before.

Finally, these large spaces can constitute safety hazards such as stairs, inappropriate furniture, improperly maintained floors, etc.

So the best way to eliminate these issues is to downsize – in terms of real estate, this means moving from a large house to a smaller home.

Downsizing can be practical for several reasons. One, it somehow re-programs people to not thinking about the past. Two, it creates convenience for them, it is simple to clean and easy to maintain. And last and most importantly, since there are fewer things and it is a smaller area, it would be far safer for them. Of course, as an added bonus, with less rooms and clutter – you are less likely to forget where you left the car keys!