Secret #1: Letting Go And Thinking Like A Buyer

Thinking like a buyer is a difficult switch to make, remembering that our Rightsizing clients have usually been in their property for a significant number of years.  I always ask our clients, “How old were you when you bought the property and what made you fall in love with it?” In response, my clients often tell me they bought or even built their home when they were in their late 20’s or early 30’s, and usually either had or were thinking about having children.  In our typical suburban life cycle areas, clients may have built the property and the streets were starting to develop when they arrived.

Letting go and thinking like a buyer is often a challenge for our sellers.  It is important to mark that milestone celebration again and change your thinking process about your property.  Now as an owner decisions (and changes) must be treated as transactional and business focussed and  not emotionally.  You need to apply the mindset that it’s not about you anymore! It is about all those potential buyers and what they want.

Interestingly, it is often this exact buyer profile (ie.  the younger you) who that will be purchasing the property.  So it is our job to ask clients to take their ‘owner’ hat off and put their ‘buyer’ hat on.  Remembering what the property was like when they first moved in, we want to know what it was they fell in love with and made them buy the property.  Again, it’s not about you anymore! It’s about the target market and the buyer who is going to write your cheque!


Hot Tip – Switching Hats!

One of my favourite clients talked about this ‘Hot Tip’ being a major turning point in selling his property.  He told me it wasn’t until we talked about ‘switching hats’ and how he was thinking about his property that it came to him …  “I had been thinking as the owner.  I knew what I paid for my property, what others in the street got when selling theirs and was looking at the property knowing how I was living in it.  I hadn’t given any thought as to how someone new would think about my property.  I hadn’t thought about showing off its versatility and highlighting what they would be looking for.”

We know how hard it can be, disconnecting from something you know and love.  No matter the reason for the sale, you may always have an emotional connection to your property.  Now is the time to help your prospective buyers connect with it, so you can ensure an effective sale, meaning minimising time and maximising money.