Colour schemes are so important in the design world! Whether doing a reno or sprucing up for sale it’s something you need to plan out based on the canvas ( or walls ) that you will be using.

When clients consult us on colour, our immediate thought is to make sure we are playing up the particular area and showcasing it properly. What kind of colour is needed to make the area really wow prospective buyers? Most sellers assume we will slap up some beige paint and move along. This isn’t always the case.

Paint colour can affect mood and this is a very important reason to pay attention to what colour is on your walls. A bright red room with flaws can really stand out. A dark coloured room can feel small and depending on the chosen colour also seem cold and uninviting. Sometimes paint colour is used to frame an area or brighten up a particular spot.

There is an article on called DIY Colour that has some good advice in regards to colour. When applying these ideas to staging you have to realise that a little colour can be good, an entire colour pallet across the home may not be so good. It’s all about finding a fine and delicate balance.

So tell us what colour do you have on your walls that you love or hate? Is there a colour you really want to use but are afraid to?