Papillon Styling Renovations Australia Clean Out Your Household Chemical Clutter


Isn’t it time to clean out all those dangerous, expired and useless chemicals in your home? We can’t just dump those rusty old cans and plastic bottles into any ordinary trash cans couldn’t we. So now’s your chance. As a property stylist, I do highly recommend that you do that, not only does it make your home safer for your kids and pets but it also helps the environment. Earth Day is coming up pretty soon and this may be our own little way of helping our planet… so Senior Movers has jumped on the “let’s clean out your household chemical clutter” bandwagon and will do its share of helping out.

It’s totally free and easy. They’ve got 3 locations and 5 days for this so you can come up and get rid of that junk at your convenience. It’s also great if you’re selling your home because there’s nothing more unsavory than a pile of expired chemicals sitting in your garage, in your kitchen cupboards, in your loo, or all over your house when a buyer comes calling. One more thing, it’s also a big first step when doing home staging.

                                            Let’s use this chance to do what we’ve been putting off for so long.